31 thoughts on “Boiler Repair Training | How To Diagnose Any Boiler”

  1. salam bro
    how can i contact you? really need your help. rad wont heat up. been trying different things for 5 weeks but no luck. heres what ive done so far:
    1. released air 2. removed air lock. 3. changed both valves. 4. used sentinelx400 and 800. 5. flushed system many times. once i took magna filter off, connected a hose and drained each rad individually but when i got to that rad pressure was rising but nothing coming out of return so i opened up another rad and water shot out! i suspect theres a blocage somewhere but pipes all all under floorboards!
    what can i do. is this something you would do?
    many thanks

  2. Another superb well explained video. Would you still recommend anyone thinking of doing the gas courses etc even though the future looks to be hydrogen or will the boilers be much the same only difference the fuel. So did you say when you here water in the boiler that’s the condensate blocked but should there not always be water in the boiler or is it that loud bubbling of water the symptom of a blocked condensate. Thanks again total gentleman.

  3. Great video, very informative. just wondering why the Opentherm connection wasn't used with the EPH control,? Do you prefer to connect with standard on off control connection?

  4. Absolutely no reason to go online to find out what is the code saying…the codes are always… for the most part… either on the back side of the service door or inside on the side panels inside the boiler… the booklet the unit came with should always be near the boiler… even inside the boiler if there is enough room… that has the codes as well…I have yet to come across a high efficiency HVAC unit… regardless if it is a boiler… furnace…or even a water heater for hot tap water…there is always a control panel door that has the codes on it


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