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  1. Great video very informative- Majority of them day rates are miles off what I could charge I’m based in the Staffordshire area – I would imagine your day rate is nearly 3 times what I charge on a daily basis , the only other way to make extra is to price the whole job and hope you complete early – it’s easy to say know your worth but people will not pay nowhere near them rates around here you would be laughed at – been NICEIC Approved for 20years – let’s hope the gap closes

  2. With regard to the info about loss of business after putting up prices. consider this. If you did 1 hours work for 100 customers at £50ph you'd have £5000.

    Add 10% making £55ph would be £5500.

    Loose 10% customers (not 25%) so 10 people, making 90 people x £55ph would be £4950. £50 loss. The sheet suggested 25% loss of customers.

  3. I think if we study anything we should first discover what a corporation is and who invented them. Slave traders. With inflation created by banks and corporations our world has gotten out of hand.

    Prices get cheaper the more north we travel. I think prices are based on your individual needs. I don't need to keep up with the fashion of owning a tesla and a big house. Most £130k tesla owners got paid £90k in government grants. Well, government grant means our children will have to pay that debt when we are long gone.

    Kind of irresponsible. However, thanks for sharing. We all have our own views 🙂

    Crash course world history 229

  4. Lol this guy can't estimate. His work is average at best but basically he is ripping off the customer. £96 per hour, he has aimed at a high end user. Polite word for customer, l can rip off. Most financial companies target the elderly for the same reason, they say they are savvy customers but they are not. They are customers that jedi mind tricks can work on. This is just typical guy doesn't know how to quote. He is just charging whatever he can get away with. Everyone would love to charge £96 per hour. Hats off if he can rip off the customer then it's the customer that's a fool. If you are talking about competition and markets l assume you know about economics, what you are describing is your taking advantage of an imperfect market, if the market was perfect you would never be able to charge this. Research how pricing works in imperfect markets.

  5. Not to sound too negative, I wonder how much you could charge working in a depressed area rather than somewhere as affluent as Cambridge? Asking nearly a grand a day for one of your guys seems almost obscene when some sparkys who are just as qualified are getting less than £300 a day because their area just won't allow anything higher. You are very fortunate to be working where you are, never forget that. And make plenty of money out of those EV charging points before that market collapses. Your own experiences must tell you EVs aren't the future for mass transportation, and it will be interesting to watch what successive governments do as electricity demand increases while the national grid creaks and groans under the strain.

  6. I’m in Cheshire, we do commercial gas repairs and charge a call out of £100 inc the first hour and then £50 an hour thereafter for as long as it takes but on average my engineers do 5 jobs a day and not much goes over an hour

  7. No contract in Common law is valid unless it involves an exchange of

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    The Federal Reserve System is based on the Canon law and the principles

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  8. What you spoke about was very accurate,
    I worked for a couple of years in the signage industry – before eventually ending in
    teaching English and history- All this after a 30-year MILITARY career – that began
    with the RAF —
    Anyways- the owner of the signage business (now deceased) was a very pleasant
    pleasant and astute Irish businessman *Thus is in Sydney – New South Wales – I am
    speaking of.
    Besides learning the Signage Industry business – joining some related organizations –
    Undertaking a 2 year part-time College course in Signcraft and Graphic Design (Which
    later led me to a teaching career) – I also took a 3-month full-time Business Management
    course — One of the best things I ever did — Adding to that – a Risk Management diploma
    I studied for during my MILITARY career – other studies were Law – Psychology and
    Electronics and Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

    For any business, it is essential one write a business plan,
    Which includes much of what is mentioned in this video presentation.
    All the operating costs and expenses have to be tabled -such as insurance(s) – wages
    salaries – stock depreciation – losses due to theft and damage – Accountants Fees –
    Various licensing and association fees — Trade periodicals – contributions to Staff training – etc.
    Vehicle operating costs —
    A profit and Loss statement must be completed – This is essential
    It is also essential to keep track of Cash flow —
    COMMERCE is under Admiralty Maritime Law —
    This is where we get the terms Cash Flow – Liquid assets – Bank – Bankruptcy – Currency
    the current runs to the Sea – between the Banks – and when the banks rupture (Bankruptcy)
    the flow ceases. And one is Dam Broke.

    The thing to know id =s not to worry about what other business operators charge —
    One has to do the calculations for one's own business — Some business owners without
    experience or business training will reduce prices out of desperation — That is like drilling
    a hole in your ship — The business will sink.
    To keep the business afloat – one must raise the prices – and it takes courage – to concentrate
    on the 20% of the clients that bring in 80% of the business —
    Leave the difficult customers to someone else
    Be sure to provide a professional level of service – train the employees – create an incentive
    rewards program for employees – undertake periodic client surveys —
    Feedback is valuable information – even negative feedback — It is how one learns and
    And always pay attention to detail — I learned that as a pilot decades ago.
    Failure to pay attention to detail will cause one's early demise.


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