9 thoughts on “Looking to become an electrician in the UK? Paul did the diploma route and this is his experience”

  1. I'm a career changer on my Level 3. Great video. I would add what's worked for me: get IPAF 3a and 3b, and PASMA mobile scaff tower. The IPAF in particular will get you agency work on commercial/ industrial

  2. I got my 18th edition before covid . But I struggle quite a lot to get a job as an electrician mates . I done the course unfortunately they are trick with us . I already work as a mates couple of years ago for two and half years . I need an advice

  3. Hey up. Very interesting content and its really good to know.
    Looking more into the AM2s – the Traning centres dont mention anything about this…

    Im a welder – qualified through City and Guilds over a year ago (I went from Security work to the weldingtrade). Took me 2 months to get a job after getting the qualifitcation.
    I am not satisfied with the job – for what it is and what it pays (£13ph) which for welding industry is quite a high rate- Im just hungry for more (looking at a bigger picture)

    Im nearly 25 and looking to re train as an electrician.

    Im just stuck on how to get into it. Any advice would help!!!

    Aprenticeship work would leave me with around £1100+ monthly earnings after tax ofc.
    My outgoings are £900-£980 per month. Thats food, travel, rent, car, insurance etc etc – EVERYTHING

    Would be more happy with adding that extra £250-£300 direct debit from what im earning now that wouldnt be a problem.
    But is the City and Guilds Diploma/NVQ really worth it?

  4. Great video , can i ask u what my next step is I currently have a lvl 2 and 3 2365 electrical installation qualification. I have seen some people say 2356 nvq level 3 and some say 2357 nvq level 3 which one?

  5. Great video, I'm doing my level 3 electro technical apprenticeship with JTL started about 2 months ago, I was abit annoyed as I already have my level 2 electrical installation buildings and structures from when I left school but they said I basically have to do the course from scratch I would have thought they would have bumped me up abit but I now have to do 4 years at college

  6. Some interesting points raised, where to start.
    Surprised that SY cable installation is being taught, many people out point out that because it doesn't have a BS number it technically does not comply with BS767 not that its ever stopped me installing it, do colleges teach that there's a specific gland required?
    MICC really surprised they're still teaching how make it off given comments I've seen elsewhere.
    It's nice to see Paul has actually gone down the right path to become an electrician unlike many who choose the quick and easy way.
    I constantly complain that you can't just spend a few weeks in a classroom only to be let loose into people's homes without any real world practical experience.
    We're still in a situation where there is no legal definition of what an electrician is or what is required to become one which really doesn't help.
    I think I heard you mention NAPIT? Wasn't really familiar with them until fairly recently but I get the impression that they are the go to organisation for many of those who attend the 3 week crash course.
    Steel conduit is a a dying art with somany electricians incapable of installing it these days, what would they do without flexi?
    As for apprentice pay, most 18-19 year olds usually live at home, so I think what they are paid is enough plus they are getting all that free training unlike Paul in video.
    Sound quality wasn't great to be honest and did struggle to hear what was being said particularly by Paul, but that's modern technology for you.

  7. Another great video Adrian – I haven't renewed my Gold card as I'm expecting (like you) to be told to go and do the AM2 gain as I have a set of "non linear" qualifications. The previous two gold card applications I had a real argument with the JIB who wanted to grade me as an improver, eventually they conceded and said I could have also had a Black card due to my HND.


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