26 thoughts on “So You Want to Start a Plumbing Company… Here’s How!”

  1. I work for Service Experts LLC corporate headquarters in Richardson Texas. I'm at the Charlotte center. Been a licensed master plumber in nc for 32 years.
    I tell Roger I don't know which is up most days. Always enjoyed your videos they have been very helpful thank you sir. Ps loved that flow tech video. Put halo 5 in my house last week!!

  2. Thanks for the video. I have a general contracting company currently. I have just started a plumbing company with a partner. I have gone through the E Myth book twice. Do you have any additional resources that have been instrumental to you?

  3. Hi Roger, any tips on marketing on social media. I had a plumbing company for 15 years back when yellow pages and when google first came on the scene and I did great. I sold the business and moved to another state. Now I want to start another business from scratch and don't know the current trends that will work. Any thoughts?

  4. I’m actually going to start a plumbing company here in the next few years and thank you roger for your videos I’m taking notes I’m reading the code book and you have given me so many things to think about way more than I ever though so again thank you for the tips I hope I can message you in five years saying I started my company and it is doing very well

  5. Crazy how long it takes to become a master plumber in Wisconsin. 8,000 hours and a minimum of 4 years as an apprentice to become a Journeyman, then 1000 hours per year for 3 years to become a master. Both require tests as well.

    OR you can cheat the system and just have an engineering degree that has plumbing in the curriculum and take the test without any plumbing experience and become a master plumber immediately. Because that makes sense.

  6. I work in warehouses in central Texas too with different kinds of forklifts as well as testing cleaning and working with Gaylords of computer monitors received from commercial companies Roger but I've watched all your videos , thanks for the content have learned a lot and so much of it applies to being the best at any profession . Trying to be the best everyday is the only way to live , a man has to lay down with himself and no one else each night

  7. In florida u can't get a plumbing contractor license without passing the business portion. Accounting and financial responsibility. And you can go to jail for doing side work with no license.

  8. I dont know what to specialize in, iv done residential new construction, commercial new construction, resi and commercial service, industrial, steam…basically everything except boilers/hydronics.

    Im thinking new homes/ residential service+drain cleaning.
    Not sure if i can do both being a 1 man shop. But i love both

  9. I have watched a few videos you’ve done and was kind of a troll up until I just seen this video I’ve been building water and waste water facilities for 10 yrs 4yrs as a foreman and want to start my own company and after this video my whole outlook has changed mr. Wakefield I have great respect for you thank you for taking time to give back to your brother plumber’s!!!!

  10. Just started watching you and really appreciate the knowledge, variety, desire to help. My good friend and I have started a plumbing business and are extremely good technicians and have done basically all you have covered here but are stumbling through the proper bidding and scheduling process. Too much of work in not on our business. Do you have any content on the estimation process to get us in the ball park? Thank you.

  11. Billable hours in a year working just M-F, 8 hours a day =2000 hours.
    You've got drive time etc. This gives us 1000 billable hours per year.

    All of your expenses for the year as operating as one truck.

    Owners salary
    Bad debt
    Bank charges
    Accounting and tax prep
    Credit card fees
    Call backs
    Cell phone/tablet
    Health insurance
    Auto insurance
    Contractors insurance
    Legal fees
    Payroll burden
    Truck expense
    Truck maintenance
    Unforeseen items
    Paid holidays
    Paid vacations

    You don't take materials into account because material costs are tacked on top of your hourly rate.
    Once you have all your figures you should come to a number at lease $250k-$300k just for a one man shop. Take your total expenses and divide by the number of billable hours in a year, 1000.
    246,380/1000=$246.38. $246.38 per billable hour. This is your breakeven price per hour.
    I want 25%. So… $246.38/.75=$328.51 $328.51 per billable hour needs to be charged to the customer to not only cover expenses but also make a profit. You build your price book with the number of hours it takes to complete a certain task, plus parts with a 30% profit margin. So you take parts cost, divide by .70 and you now have your selling price of said materials. Now that you have the selling price of your good sold, now you factor in how long it takes to complete the task. Lets go with a toilet rebuild. It shouldn't take longer than 1/2hr at $328 per hour. So your labor is $164 and parts might cost $20. Now factor in 30% margin on all parts to cover tax and unforeseen parts used. Take your $20 in parts and divide by .70 and you get $28.57 selling price for goods sold. $28.57+$164=$192.57 selling price for a minor toilet rebuild.


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